The VARIDESK ar office planner app
design your office from your phone

Thinking about getting a VARIDESK but want to test-drive one first? Now you can do it without ever opening a single box. The VARIDESK AR Office Planner app uses augmented reality technology and your smartphone’s camera to give you a 360-degree view of what your new active office will look like.

To instantly put a virtual version of any of our products in your office, just download and print the augmented reality marker below and then follow the directions in the app.

Using your smartphone’s camera, it places a 3-D VARIDESK in your workspace. You’ll be able to see your future VARIDESK from all angles, add products to your cart, and even complete your purchase with the push of a button.

This app is currently unavailable. We are constantly innovating new technologies.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our selection of sit-stand solutions.

download and print your product marker

This step is necessary for your VARIDESK AR Office Planner app to work properly.

First, download the marker and print it out on A4 paper. You only need one marker to get access to the entire product library.

Then, follow the instructions in the VARIDESK AR Office Planner app for proper placement of the marker on your desk.

frequently asked questions

What is the use of this app?

The VARIDESK® AR Office Planner App allows you to see what VARIDESK products would look like in your home or office. The app shows VARIDESK to scale on your existing furniture and allows you to walk 360 degrees around to see the product from every angle.

Where can I print the marker?

Please see the link above to download and print the AR maker.

How do I use this the marker?

Place the marker facing you on the desk or table you would like to view a VARIDESK product. With the VARIDESK AR Office Planner App open, center the camera frame around the marker and wait until a 3D rendering appears. For the best view, you should be standing several feet back from the marker and move forward or back to adjust your view as needed. You can also walk around your desk a full 360 degrees.

Is the product true to size?

The VARIDESK product will appear true to size on the desk that the marker is placed on.

Does the marker have to be colour or black and white?

The marker will work printed in either colour or black and white.

What happens when I lose the product on the marker?

If the image of the product disappears, walk back to the marker and hover a couple of feet over the marker until a VARIDESK product reappears.

Why is nothing appearing when I am pointing the camera at the marker?

Make sure you are standing a few feet back from the marker with the camera frame centered over the printed marker.

How far back can I stand in Advanced & Basic modes?

This will vary by device. Below are general guidelines for each performance mode:

Advanced – In advanced mode, you should be able to stand as far back as you want. The farther back you move, the more likely it is that the product may drift or move out of place. In this case, use the reset button and find the marker with your camera again.

Basic – In basic mode, you should be able to stand about 5 feet back before losing the product. Make sure to keep the marker in focus on your camera.

What does the reset position button do?

If you are in advanced mode, you will see a button labeled ‘reset position’. You can press this when you are experiencing any shifting and sliding of the VARIDESK product images. The reset button sets the product back to the center of the marker. If the product disappears, you may be too far away from the marker and will need to focus on the marker again. 

Why do I have to print a marker on A4 paper?

The technology uses the photo on your A4 inch piece of paper to render your 3D desk. The size of the paper matters to help scale the desk to the exact size of a real VARIDESK in the space.

What do you do with my email after registration? 

Your email address is never sold or used for marketing purposes. VARIDESK uses email addresses for internal use only to help better your experience or assist you should you have issues.

How do I update my email address?

You can navigate to the settings menu and click the user profile option to edit your email address.

Why do I have the option to clear my items?

When you proceed to checkout, you will be transferred to to process your transaction. The products remain in your basket on the app. You can clear your basket once your transaction is completed or if you’ve changed your mind about which products to purchase.

Can I use more than one marker?

Right now, the app will only recognize one marker at a time.

Who can I contact with issues or questions?

Email us at . If you are in Europe please call 31 (858) 887 792. If you are in the United Kingdom please call 020 3808 5398.

Am I allowed to use this app commercially?

Our app is free and available for anyone to use for any purpose.

What devices are compatible?

iOS: 8+

Android: 4.1+

What kind of environment does this application work best in?

Being in a well-lit area gives the app the best chance at identifying the environment and reading the marker.

What does “update products” mean in settings?

You will be notified when a new set of products has been uploaded to the application. If you were to opt-out of downloading newly added products or miss the notification, you can navigate to this setting and get the latest products from there.

Why do I need to download products on the first use?

Downloading the products to the app allows you to see any current VARIDESK product rendered in your workspace. After the initial download, all the downloaded products will be available for viewing and you will be able to decide if you’d like to be updated with any new products that become available.

What does the checkout process look like?

You can add items to your basket directly from the app. From your basket, you will click “Proceed to”, where your items will appear in a checkout basket. If you already had a browser open with items in your basket, the app will add any items you had to that order.

Why did I get an out of stock message when I went to the site but was able to add it to the basket in the app?

At this time, the application is not linked to inventory systems. This is why during checkout you are directed to, which will validate stock on any products you are trying to purchase.

Why can't I see all VARIDESK products?

Currently, the application is being used for our sit-stand desktop solutions to help users see what different VARIDESK models would like in their actual workspace. In the future, we may be expanding the product inventory to more items, including accessories.

Why do I need access to the camera?

The camera reads the printed desk marker and uses it to display VARIDESK products as they would appear on your desk on your device’s screen.

Why do I need to access to my photo gallery?

The app offers the option to screenshot different VARIDESK products and store them in your photo gallery for later viewing.

How do I cycle through products?

If you tap on the initial product that appears on your marker, you will see 4 navigation arrows. The left and right arrows will cycle through different VARIDESK models whereas the up and down arrows will cycle through the specific model's available sizes.

What are the options in performance mode?

Basic – In basic mode you are only able to see VARIDESK products if your marker can be recognized by the camera. This limits how far you can stand away from the desk, but may help to address any issues of slowness or problems rendering products. Advanced – Advance mode is the default setting. It allows you to recognize the marker from a further distance, making it easier to see the VARIDESK from further back, as well as walk around the desk and see the VARIDESK product from more angles.

How can I change the colour of the product?

To see what colours a product is available in, tap the product on your screen. In the upper right-hand corner of your application you will see the name of your product with an info icon. Click this button to find a menu of product colour options.

How do I go to my basket?

There is an icon in the lower left-hand corner of the app screen that resembles a shopping basket. The number inside the icon indicates how many items you have added to your basket. Click this icon to go to your basket to see what items have been added and to proceed to checkout.

Where can I send feedback on this app?

Please send feedback to

Where is the privacy policy?

The privacy policy is located at the bottom of the settings menu.

Can I see the tooltips again?

You can turn the tool tips back on by going to the settings menu.